Sip chai

Sitting in my backyard, taking a break from a work day. Listening to screams and shrills from a school next to our house. Watching the birds and hearing them too. A maddening cacophony called life.

When you sit silent, and watch it all unfold from a third person lens, you enjoy the madness even more than you do as you live it. The rustling of tree leaves, the sounds of fall, the breeze of a summer ready to say goodbye, and sprinkles of sunshine under my maple tree.

To reflect is to breathe. To soak in with all your senses, is to be alive. To sway to the music you hear in your ears, when no one else around you hears it the same way reminds you of your individuality.

The world will tell you to dissolve it all. It will ask you to blend in. It will ask you to move fast in a rat race. It will throw temptations and tantrums at you. But you know what you want, and no one can take that knowledge away from you.

Listen to yourself. Reflect on your actions. Believe in the power of your mind. Trust your insights and spread love. Just that is enough!

A quiet moment in my backyard gave me the opportunity to think of all of the above and go back into a life I choose with a fresh and renewed perspective.

Take a break! Sip chai

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