Dil ki nazar se….

Mood is a bit somber today. So after dinner and back to school night we played some indoor games while the mommy played the jukebox.

I listened to this song after decades and fell in love with it, after so many years.

Something so simple, subtle, and beautiful about the lyrics, the tune and the style of singing.

Something about these songs transports me back to the times when these played on the stereo (that still exists and is in working condition) , and when we went about our days chores listening to them in the background. I can be anywhere in the world, and these songs in my ears send me off to my little town of Saharanpur.

Music has that strength. I wonder what songs will transport Tara back to home when she is older? Or will she have the same relationship with music that I have. Hmm.. I’d be so sad if she doesn’t.

Now if I don’t stop listening to this song I will go down a rabbit hole of nostalgia that will be tough to recoup from. I need to write perf today 😦 Ugh 😣 Ruined the mood. How do you go from these poetic verses to Perf?!

Kyo bekhabar yun khichi
Si chali jaa rahi mai
Ye kaunase bandhano
Me badhi jaa rahi mai

Ham kho chale chaand
Hai ya koi jaadugar hai
Yaa madabhari ye tumhaari
Nazar kaa asar hai

Akash me ho rahe
Hai ye kaise ishaare
Kya dekhakar aaj hai
Itane khush chaandtaare

Cheers 🥂 to music!

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