1st day of school

I sometimes surprise myself with my ability to live up to my roots. Like how I worked hard today to make sure that Tara’s meal after school (first day of 1st grade) is Rajma Chawal. Every punju kid’s dream. The joy on her face when she says Rajma Chawal takes me back to my own childhood.

My daughter is in first grade. Sometimes I think my own mental prowess is at best that of a kindergarten student. So now that even Tara is older than my self determined mental age, I need to grow up.

Here’s a real conversation that happened today. Tara and Agam wanted to play Minecraft for 5min before going upstairs for bedtime. She wanted me to be there too so we enjoy as a family. What is there to enjoy in it as a family – no clue. I made an excuse and a lame one at that. I had a meeting at 8:30 so I told her I want to take a break from the screens. She retorted back – but you will check your phone and that’s a screen. To which I said – yes that’s true. She hit the nail on the head, when she said – and the Tv screen is bigger than the phone so it is better for your eyes. WOW! That impressed me. She used my dialogues on me, so effectively.

Later that evening I did the same with my mom. She has a way of avoiding topics by saying – life has passed by like this, rest shall too. And so when she was unnecessarily poking me about Tara not having a sibling, I made the same comment back at her. 🤣 Phew! I bet she was impressed.

And then we say – where do kids learn from 😝

May this new school year be peaceful and happy. We have so much to be grateful for. Tara’s teachers and the SJMV community are a blessing. Wishing each and every student a successful and happy and healthy year ahead!

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