So what triggers someone like Andrew Cuomo to exert his power on women of his liking? Mildly put? What gives him the power to make sexual advances towards women of interest? Is it his status? Or his weakness? I claim – weakness.

I wish men were triggered by a woman’s intellect and not by her body. It would make matters a tad bit easier. You see if they have the ability to be triggered by intellect, they might even deserve the attention of the woman. Bad joke.

Saddening to read the news. I alway says there are two sides to these stories. And I still maintain that. But in this case there are 11 women and 1 man. Did they not speak up because he was the governor? Or did they too enjoy his attention? And even if they did, there were 11 of them?!?! What is this? A pandemic?

Disappointing! As a leader, did he not know any better? Or was his judgement impaired? Is he sick? Or did he really think he could get away with it. Whatever be the reason – why did those 11 women not act on the spot. What would you do if this happened to you? I asked myself this question. And I would have at the least, made it clear to him, that I don’t want any of that, ever again! And if it persisted, I would have logged a complaint. Not speaking up in that moment can be confused with you being an accomplice in the act.

Sigh! Let justice win

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