Jhalmuri meet Pindi Chole

Jhalmuri from Calcutta
Pindi Chole from Punjab

My myka walas were over for tea —> dinner today. And it was a blast 🙂 I made an authentic recipe of Pindi Chole with kulchas. Making the masala from scratch and fresh is the key here. I think I added more tomatoes than I should have. But all good. They turned out great.

Another super hit was my lemon pickle. My experiment with the Meyer lemons in our yard. The pickle has been cooking in sun and rain, wind and hale for last six months. And it’s ready. And everyone loved it so much. I’ve never made pickles before. I am so excited about this pickle and the fact that I can make this again and again and again.

Another super hit of the day was that I received the authentic Lahori gobhi shalgam gajar ka achar. Oh lord! I haven’t tasted that thing in at least two decades. I loved my Dadi’s achar. And nope my Mom’s is no where close to it. Sorry mommy. Jindal mommy made me a batch and it’s delish. I cannot stop eating it. So so so so good. And what a thoughtful gift.

Joy is spending time with people you love 💕 and for me joy is cooking for people I love ❤️ .

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