Birds, roses and patios

I like listening to birds. And there are plenty of nests in our maple, and our redwoods in the backyard. I wake up to their sound, and when I get a few minutes to spare, I come out and listen to them.

I was always fascinated by them, but it never occurred to me how they help me disconnect effectively. I tune into them and tune out of everything else.

The best time to hear them is the morning. So ever since our patio project wrapped up, I drink my first cup of coffee on the deck, with my birds. And my duckling, aka Tara joins me and adds to the chirps.

We started four patio project on April 1, and it is mostly done, with the front still needing more love. We have started spending more time after work, outdoors, and that was really the purpose. I enjoy executing on such projects. Especially if they come with an opportunity of reaping the benefits of your labor!

I saw this grow from a bud to a rose 🌹

So now we get to spend more time with the birds, grow roses, and dahlias, and enjoy our little nature fest in the yard.

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