I’m loving the series Ray on Netflix. It’s a short series of four stories from Satyajit Ray made into hour long movies. Now the depiction of the stories and the actors is not that great. But the power of the stories is awesome. And the layered plots are so engaging.

So much talent in one person. He was like the Da Vinci of some sort. Hats off to The Ray.

What a busy day! Starting with more patio work, and then more cleaning work, and then a short break followed by a trip to Legoland. Followed by a short break, cold coffee, and then preps for tomorrow’s dinner with a Krishna Dadi. Menu is exotic – Moroccan carrots, purple cabbage slaw with mango, salmon Jhol, spinach shak, Jeera rice, coconut lentils, freshly squeezed lemonade, and home made roasted coconut ice cream. Yummmmm

So glad we are back to hosting friends again.

With the patio project coming to a close in a few weeks, I’m now planning a garage makeover. We have to make room for the foosball after all 😉

For a change we are having a very late dinner, outdoors, and the breeze is so so refreshing after a gruesome hot day.

Cheers to more outdoor dinners, more breezy evenings, more meals with friends, and more joy!

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