Vive Sol

Vive Sol

Phew! The evenings that start with farmers market, end with a trip to Vive Sol, which basically ends the evening in a level of oblivion that is very very unhealthy for the body, but very very healthy for the soul.

Don’t believe me. I am not in all my senses 😉

Our farmers market loot was quite something – Corn, Blueberries, Honey Kist Nectarines, cherries, early girl tomatoes, toy box squash, green beans, green pepper, onions, coriander, gf and regular pita bread with fresh hummus from Oren’s, Napa cabbage, melons, and spinach. Brings me so much joy! I swear Tory Burch doesn’t have that power that a simple Mountain View Farmer’s Marker does.

Me and my whims and fancies! It’s July after all 🙂

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