A bit more…

What are the odds of listening to Vonda Shepherd after like a decade, in the Coupa Cafe patio at the Stanford Golf Course. I used to listen to hear in my hostel. A tape that was recorded by Agam, as a gift. Sigh! We did that stuff back then 😛 Now we just text the song to each other. Hasn’t life been simpler lately?

Talking about odds – we had quite a home run with the birthday weekend. I spent the weekend in the warmth of friends, from all phases of life. The parties started Saturday night with surprise visitors from Seattle, a simple home cooked meal enjoyed in our new and comfy patio, followed with breakfast next day at Village Bakery, and then chai and Gurudwara with friends. Followed by a movie in the theater with another set of friends. Haven’t spent a warm and loving birthday like this in a while. We are usually out of town and miss out on the local fun.

I came out to the cafe today since Tara is at camp and Agam is at work. And I wanted to catch up on work emails and some moments of solitude. A green expanse, some random thoughts. It’s when you let your mind loose, that your mind finds its best inspirations.

So what are we planing to be this year?

A bit more patient. A bit more wise. A bit more anchored, A bit more adventurous. A bit more selfish. A bit more healthy. A bit more open to surprises. Now don’t ask me to stack rank this. This is life, not work. I have 2 more years to play until I put my foot down. 😛

And no I don’t have any goals against each of these either. Hence “a bit more” is enough of a measure.

And for the rest of this calendar year, we are planning to be a bit more – resolute.

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