Sonoma Coast Day #2

Although each day looks much like the one before, I can feel my heart beat slow down with each passing hour. I can experience aloha in California. Just need to drive far enough from the maddening crowd. And spend a lot of time with my favorite companions. πŸ’•

Today started with hammock time for mommy πŸ™‚ I was so afraid. Surprise! It did not break πŸ˜† and I had a lovely time looking up at the redwoods. Hearing the roar of the ocean and the buzz of the bees and the rustling of the woods. I experienced an empty mind. Lots of clouds amidst a blue sky.

Morning chit chatting led to some journaling plans. And all three of us sat down and enjoyed some writing time. Tara’s timer was shorter than ours πŸ˜‰ Agam and I shared our insights with each other and helped each other think deeper, and in my case, broader. Tara made cupcakes and ice cream cones in the meanwhile.

A foosball tournament followed and I’ve gotten better at it. We definitely NEED a foosball table at home. And we also NEED a hammock 😎.

I made lunch at home. GF pesto pasta with Brussels sprouts and red snapper cooked in little butter and garlic and herbs. Served with a chilled Sapporo 😜.

Post lunch, we all got ready and left for a hike in the Gualala River Regional Park. A beautiful area with lovely views and easy flat hikes. One of the hikes ended in a beach and we sat down to make castles and enjoyed some warm beach time.

On the way back we enjoyed a yummy pizza at Upper Crust Pizzeria which also serves gluten free pizzas!!!! What’s not to love πŸ’• about this little town of Gualala.

Back at home, a few games of foosball, a few minutes of Rango, and it was a wrap!

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