Sonoma Coast Day #0

A beautiful day for a long drive along the coast. With pit stop in Fairfax. We went back to Cafe Lotus after 8 years. Had a quick coffee stop at Fairfax Roasters, and then broke the journey and stretched our legs and enjoyed the view at the Coast Kitchen at the Timber Cove.

Our home for the week ahead, is a cabin the redwoods, a quick mile from Anchor Bay. A small town with a grocery store, a Thai restaurant, a coffee place, and Mexican restaurant. Also a nail salon!

We plan to perch up in the woods and enjoy the cozy Airbnb cabin.

After a long drive and some fatigue, everyone wanted dal chawal. Found some red and yellow lentils at the store, and made some simple ginger garlic onion tempering, and added some cumin powder and curry powder also bought at the store. Added a small can of coconut milk, and squeezed a lime to make it tangy. Made some rice to go with it for those who wanted some carbs and tadaaa… a happy family!

I enjoyed cooking with minimal ingredients in someone else’s kitchen. 😉 Lol 😂 when you cannot board a plane to go to Hawaii, you seek joy in cooking in a stranger’s kitchen. I am good at making lemonades from the lemons of life 😉

View from the hammock

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