Eat cake and be merry

Confluent went public today. We made trickles of free money. But had he stayed we would have made 7x. It’s so hilarious that none of us care about the 7x. We are super happy about the trickles. Because I can get a west elm outdoor patio furniture without someone being mad at me. I mean such are our needs and our dreams. Small and satisfying. I love the fact that none of us love the money. And I cannot imagine being married to someone who cared about it.

Agam’s friend congratulated him on WhatsApp. And that’s how we found out. Lol! Couldn’t care less.

He is happy to have not wasted the entire time there for nothing, and also that he isn’t there anymore. The work was going to get boring. They had hired so many VPs and Directors that the layering would have hurt him even more. And so in the end – all’s well that ends well. And for Agam his stint at Confluent has ended well. Or at the moment it seems like it has. I am just happy that he is happy 😃

I’m excited about our next trip to the coast. Saturday couldn’t come any sooner. Decompress, disconnect, defuse and dissolve! Birthdays 🥳 are here…. Time to eat cake and be merry!

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