Nature heals

Tara and I packed our lunch, picked up our picnic basket and went to the park outside our home for an impromptu lunch in the sun. We enjoyed our sandwiches and watched the clouds. They moved with the wind and we followed them. I lay down and shut my eyes off for a few minutes and when I opened them, the green shade of the tree looked so heavenly.

We talked about all things under the sun and watched the kids play with the dogs and the garbage truck do it’s routine, and the ice cream vendor do his routine.

And soon my alarm rang, and we packed up our picnic and we came back home. I went back to my meetings and Tara went back to her play time.

I’ve never felt so relaxed after a working day. Despite the fact that I had 4 hours of summit meetings spread over morning and evening. Nature heals! I felt it today.

And Tara couldn’t stop talking about our little adventure to Agam when he came back from work. 😄

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