Childhood stories

One of the many joys of parenthood is the opportunity to read children’s books and stories as an adult and absorb a fresh perspective and sometimes a whole new narrative as you do that. We listen to audio books in the car on long trips. We all enjoy them equally. I tune in and out and capture parts of stories I would have skipped or brushed upon as a child.

We are currently listening to the collected stories of Winnie the Pooh. Now as a child I was most obsessed with Pooh and Piglet. But I am now catching up on Kanga and Rooh, and the rabbit. And the intricacies of Eayore and Tiger. Judy Dench does a fabulous job as a narrator and each of the characters come through in the voices of the narrators. Such a delight.

I finished Anne with an E. It was a very very lovely series. Tara is a tad bit young for it. But now when we read it together, I can set more context for her, to make it easier for her to comprehend. It was a very relaxing experience watching this fabulous show. If you are curious about a young girl’s curious and complicated mind, watch the show.

Anne, Tara and I have so much in common. And we all have a lot in common with the curious girls from all over the world who are driven by righteousness , love for people, and nature, with a drive they cannot explain, and a thirst for love and adventure that can never be quenched.

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