A good day

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Farmers market is back! It’s on Thursday’s and even closer to home. So Tara and I went there after school and enjoyed our afternoon buying greens and cherries and berries and flowers and gf cookies. I was so looking forward to it all week. And it was good to be out and about after a hectic week.

Tomorrow is Tara’s graduation! From kindergarten to elementary school.. ahem! This country I tell you. I want a graduation after ever quarter! Just kidding. It’s so cute. She is so excited. And I am so so so excited. I have never attended a graduation. I missed my BTech graduation since I was back in Delhi prepping to move to the US. I missed my MS graduation since I was prepping to move to NY. I didn’t attend any of Agam’s graduations. So I am a noob on the topic. But it’s exciting because Tara is excited and that is enough for me to be excited.

Today if a good day. I managed to convert an opportunity into a positive outcome. I don’t know if I will pursue the outcome. But I feel confident and I feel like I still have it in me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I really don’t need to be doing. Our score is 1/2. I will do this a bit more to raise my confidence. Although it is extremely exhausting.

I also had a lovely career chat today. It reminded me that I am not alone on fighting the demons of my mind. That I am not weak in thinking I am not enough. And that I am valued where I am. And I have the creative liberty to be who I want to be. It was validating. But even more so encouraging. I picked up a few concepts of prioritizing my self before others. And of differentiating reality with perception. The question was “how has the world really changed for me, in the last six years.” And if I perceive it to be different, or is it me labeling something incorrectly, or just letting the demons wins. Wisdom is earned. And I enjoyed the wise company I was in today.

And that’s all that matters to me. The company I keep. The people I surround myself with. Sometimes I make bad choices. Sometimes I trust too soon. But overall, it’s been a good ride.

And it was a good day

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