Anne with an E

I am watching Anne with an E. It is very sweet and just what I wanted. I don’t know if it’s meant to be for kids my age. But it’s just perfect for me.

The mad and hysterical and crazy Anne is much like the girl I was back then. “I want to be sharp and not beautiful.” I lived with that mantra. Since I knew I could work on being sharp, but beauty was not bestowed on me. Hah! It did not matter in the end. It still does not matter 🙂

Anyways Anne with an E is a good escape. It is silly, goofy and light.

I had a night off from work after a long time and I’ve decided to binge. Relive my childhood and enjoy the light hearted Anne with an E.

1 thought on “Anne with an E

  1. Anne with an E is the best show I’ve ever been lucky enough to watch. It was my cure from depression, an escape from a tough situation and so much more. So many people have so many stories to tell about this show. The AWAE fandom is only growing and still going strong in the season 4 renewal campaign. As you may know, AWAE is canceled after 3 seasons. But if you think the show deserves more seasons, would you sign this petition? Fans were furious when the show was canceled and still are. It’s a breath of fresh air and ended abruptly.
    And hey, thanks a lot for this post! More and more people need to watch this show. Sorry for the loooong comment 🙈 Such is my love for this masterpiece.

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