Who are you?

Phew! An unrelenting headache ruined my Friday. We did manage to grab dinner in downtown and celebrated our 11th on the steps of the Mountain View center of performing arts plaza. A block away from the restaurant where we celebrated our wedding 11 years ago. Shiva has shut down, but it will always be special for us. We got married in the US, with 50 or so friends and just three members of the family. It was supposed to be followed by one in Delhi in December that year. But then, we lost Papa in October, and we wrapped up the Indian wedding in a temple while Agam and I were there for Papa’s last rituals.

Why we chose to marry in US was just a random option. It made sense to celebrate with our friends here since we barely had any left in India. Amma was visiting since Aseem was graduating that year, and hence we decided to call it. Now I wonder if that was meant to be so that I’d get married while Papa was still around. Perhaps. He died in peace, knowing that his obligations were over.

Headache is persisting in waves. But never a bad reason to drink some chilled wine on a warm summer afternoon.

Tara’s holidays start on Friday. So exciting! Our first summer break 😊

Was driving back from errands and was listening to Tamasha songs. This poem made me cry

Tu koi aur hai
Jaanta hai tu
Saamne iss jahaan ke
Ik naqaab hai

Tu aur hai koi aur hai
Kyun nahi wo jo hai

Tu jahaan ke waaste
Khud ko bhool kar

Apne hi saath naa
Aise zulm kar

Khol de wo girah
Jo lagaaye tujhpe tu

Bol de tu koi aur hai
Chehre jo odhe tune woh
Tere kahaan hain

Saamne aa khol de sab
Jo hai dil mein bol de ab
Saamne aa khol de sab
Jo hai dil mein bol de ab

Tedhe raaste
Khwaab hain tere
Tere saath jo
Umr bhar chale

O inhe gale lagaa
Tu kaun hai bataa
Oh khol de ye girah

Tu koi aur hai
Teri naa hadein

Aasmaan hai
Khayal hai
Bemisaal hai

Tu mauj hai
Tu raunaqein
Chaahe jo
Tu wo hai

That kind of a day!

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