Summer break

Some weeks should come with a return policy. Like oh too bad this isn’t working for you, we will exchange for a new one. Like a buy back guarantee. And there is no one reason for this feeling. It’s just not my week. Too many negative vibes from all around. Too many road blocks. Too many messes to untangle. And too little motivation to do any of the above.

To make it less nebulous there are two themes I am struggling with –

Lack of transparency – people say something and do something else. And in their actions, there is practically zero concern of the impact of those actions on others. Selfish, short term and tunnel vision.

Lack of focus – there are many things that need attention. Some more than others. But most of my time goes away in reacting to the next thing. And I simply don’t have the hours in a day to “do”. I like long stretches of time when I can focus. And I feel like that’s been missing since last few years now.

May be I should take a summer break. Like a real one. Sigh!

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