Ambitious hike and joyful friends

I spent the day with some of my favorite Googlers. An exhilarating hike in Rancho San Antonio, 8miles and 1550ft gain. I’ve done the 8 miles before, but not with 1550ft. And although I’m ridiculously out of shape, since I’ve not been running or walking since last 6 weeks, I managed it. With breaks, and a wonderful companion who motivated me along the way.

I was so afraid of it last night. I don’t do well with elevation. I have no problem running down, but I suck at climbing up. But it all worked out. And we finished in 3 hr 30min and met more friends for lunch.

A hearty lunch and chatter and then a quick coffee stop and then hours of chitter chatter in the park, enjoying the gorgeous weather and the company.

I think we spent Sundar day well! I work at Google for the people here, and I am so glad I have so many pockets of friends I can hangout with even outside of work 🙂

Time to go back!

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