More to it…

The joy of two girl friend chats on the same day! What are we talking about? Is the pandemic over!!? Well, it felt like that yesterday.

Met a friend from work and one from outside work, yesterday. It was so refreshing and also just what I needed after what felt like a horrible week.

Horrible for a few reasons. I hate energy draining tasks. I hate energy draining conversations. And I also hate rejection. I will admit that I am responsible for the rejection. People do proactive attempts with not so lucrative options and then apply their mastered skills to the opportunity you really want. I did something in the reverse. I screwed up my most lucrative opportunity by not practicing enough. Boo! Oh well! Not like I wanted to actually consider it. But yeah I like doing these things to myself.

I learnt a lot along the way through. And there is more to learn and also practice. Hmm… if only I had put some strategy behind my actions, I had a good shot at success. Phew.

While the world is upside down, work is crazy busy, and emotionally I am at an all time low, I go and add more pressure to my life, more work for myself and more disappointments to worry about. For once I should learn to be more kind to myself. And just not create this scenarios.

Anyways. It will take a while and I will some day learn my lesson. I’m just too young to figure it all out. So what if my hair are turning grey and I feel like I carry the world’s weight on my shoulders.

Let’s stop jabbering now. Life is more than lost chances and misunderstood intentions.

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