I watched Saina today, after work. It was refreshing. And beyond all the other girl power messages, I had another take away. Will jot it down so that I don’t forget.

In different phases of your growth, you need different types of coaches. Each coach is there to teach you something unique. Some are strict, some use their emotions. A good coach knows when to let you go, so you can learn more things. And sometimes you need to know when to let go of the coach. It seems like a serial progression. But it never is.

A stubborn student like me thinks that I like strict coaches, but I am mentally not that strong to handle the stick treatment. So I need the stick to be balanced with some candy and affection.

I wonder what kind of a coach I am.

Saina was a refreshing break. It’s been a neutral week, after the yo-yo of the last few weeks. Mom is out of quarantine. Cousin is out of ICU. At the moment that’s enough.

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