Who are we?

Wrote two condolence notes in one evening. Now I know how to express my condolence over a slide and in text messages.

It’s come to this. It’s mayhem. Young, old, rich and poor are dying. There are more people dying than I have ever known. I don’t want to witness this in my lifetime again.

This world will establish a new relationship with death. Numbed by the loss around me. Everywhere there is grief and fear. Yet, in my part of the world, life is coming back to normal. We had dinner outside, keeping up with our Friday rituals from now 18 months ago. As we sat there I felt out of place, kept slipping into my head. Tara’s antics kept pulling me back.

Oh lord, someone stop this rampage. This is like war. The enemy is too strong. And we are not prepared. we?! W

Who is this we?! The same “we” that gave up on Delhi last year.

When it comes to my Delhi, we will always be in love. Our love hate relationship is new. I want to see my Delhi’s spirit come back. For heaven’s sake – can “we” see that spirit come back!

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