Simple things

I had a very cluttered mind this morning. So I took out 30min between sending Tara to school and work to start to read a short story by Murakami. I read that story with the level of attention I’ve likely never given to anything in life .

Every word was pure joy. Each sentence was easy to imagine. I cleared my mind by reading and it was amazing. I’ve done that before, a number of times, by sheer accident.

But today I used the book like a tool from my toolbox of self care and it worked like a charm. Simple things.

Now I cleared my mind alright. But it got clogged again, Pretty quickly. But this time with work.

In the meanwhile Agam thinks drinking wine at lunch is a good idea. I had a shot of it and that was enough for me to question the idea 💡

On that note there is no dearth of silliness in our house. My reading a book at 8am, Agam drinking wine at noon, and Tara fitting in a small box

Sent the pic to my family that is healing slowly and steadily. I’m sure it brought a smile to their faces. Sending them more love and prayers and wishes from all our friends who have been asking about their well being every day.

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