Work is a good distraction. I can lose myself in it. I can create a distance between me and my alter mind. Me goes about doing it’s business. Alter mind gets rest from the constant noise it is currently dealing with. I’m practicing active and forceful positive thinking. Everything is alright. It will all be back to normal soon.

Also I am a little tired, and it’s just Monday. My brain has been slow and it gets festered easily. They say stress can do that.

On the home front 6/7 are down. The lab tests are getting more difficult to avail. But the fever is manageable and scratchy throat persists. Quarantine is still in effect, and everyone is spending time in their rooms. They are telling me that they are Ok.

I wonder how I will feel five years from now when I will come back and read this post. Who knows what reality we will be dealing with then.

An interesting conversation today. I enjoyed it and apparently so did the person on the other end. Who knows where this goes. But if it does end in a positive way, then there will be some difficult decisions to make. But we are far from that with at least 6 weeks between us. Why think so long. I am literally going from one WhatsApp message to next at this point.

Made some strawberry frozen yogurt this weekend. It’s quite a little treat at the end of the day. And relatively low effort in the ice cream maker from Cuisinart. Worth the splurge.

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