As my whole family fights Covid back home, I sit here sleepless and restless. With nothing that I can possibly do, but shower my love on them when this is all over, and send them every bit of positive vibes I can in the meanwhile.

There is acceptance to be instilled in this weak and feeble heart, of a decision the brain took some 16 years ago. I must make this heart stronger. For it has much to endure. I promise I would have been the brave one if only I was geographically present with them today. But sitting here, waiting for the WhatsApp messages is a very fragile heart that has been quivering since Friday morning.

I am afraid to even call for what help is that phone call when there are three sets of quarantines to coordinate, and meals to be managed and medicines and tests to be procured. I will likely disturb than help. So I sit here, as the air around me becomes too heavy to breathe, laden with guilt, and helplessness.

I know they will sail through and come out of it stronger and immune. And we will be together soon – just as we were in the winter of 2019. Amen!

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