Chill Pill

Joy is creating a WhatsApp group with my two adorable nieces. I literally just held them in my arms for the first time, and here we are creating WhatsApp groups for sharing gupshup. Time is flying… It’s is shocking how cool my nieces think I am. I bask in the glory of their admiration of my chill factor. It’s all relative. Of course their Mom is way more chill than me. But no kid will ever admit that. Moms are just fuzzy balls. I am sure Tara won’t think I am chill when she is their age.

Today morning when I went to drop off Tara, I witnessed the cutest thing. Her classmate Mark has recently joined in person school and today was his second day. Apparently the two of them have established a sweet friendship over zoom classes. Tara was thrilled that Mark was going to be coming to school. And it seems like Mark was equally thrilled. As I helped her with her bag and lunch box, I heard Mark yell at her from far, “good morning, Tara”. And Tara responded – “good morning, Mark.” And I waved at the two of them as they entered the classroom. For whatever reason I had tears in my eyes. Such pure and innocent smiles and eyes. I am so happy my little munchkin gets so much love from her friends and teachers. She deserves all the love in the world. And she is so good at giving back too.

Came back and sipped my coffee in the patio with the cacophony of birds entertaining me. Blissful morning. Procrastinated on my to-dos and attended a team fun event instead. Had a lot of fun and it helped me push off the headache from the vaccine. For some strange reason the first dose of Moderna led to a strong headache all night and this morning. Anyways – it’s all temporary pain for the long term gain 🙂

Between the chills and pills and aches and breaks, the day went by. Hmm..again procrastinating on my to-dos. It’s hard to come back after a week long chill pill vacation.

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