Small towns and big hearts

And after a lil occupied morning with puzzles, connect 4 and some work mingled with it, today we ventured out to Fort Bragg. A tiny little town just 10miles north of Mendocino. Nothing spectacular about it. Just a simple and small town with a Safeway, a Subway, and a Starbucks. But I was sure to do my research and we found the Noyo Headlands hike along the Glass beach, which was a short 1.5 mile walk, along the cliffs hugging the shore. (Solnit makes me poetic).

Since we had a light lunch we were in the mood for some fresh seafood and went down the Noyo River at the Noyo Fish company, for some chowder, fish tacos and fried fish and shrimp. Delicious and fresh fish, and some lip smacking sauces.

We drove back to Mendocino for some water and other sundry items and decided to grab coffee at Frankie’s and headed to the headlands park. Gorgeous sun and wild flowers, with Tara’s quirks and our jabs. A perfect evening stroll that raised just enough appetite for some dessert. A bread pudding and flan to go and we were done for the day.

Back at the room, we played a game of Labyrinth that I won (or that’s what I remember). There was brandy on the pudding and some wine to pair it with 😉

My highlight of the day was completing a puzzle with Tara. Oh and a close second was enjoying Anne of Green Gables with her on the patio, in the sun.

Let the good times roll

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