Strangers are back 💗

Today’s adventure was Russian Gulch State Park – Headlands Trail to the sink hole and back with gorgeous views of the Mendocino coastline and the bridge along the way. Followed by a sumptuous meal at Mendocino Cafe with all the wine in the world and a delicious Kahlua Flan.

The morning was less adventurous with Agam working and Tara and I entertaining each other and ourselves from time to time. We played Connect, read Anne of Green Gables, sat outside in the sun, and then enjoyed activity books.

In the afternoon we did the bookstores and toy shop tour. I loved “Out of this world”, and the Gallery bookshop. The Village Toystore was only doing window buying, which to me was quite annoying. We all loved the Gallery bookshop since there was something for each of us there. I am so ashamed of buying a third book in less than a week, but Rebecca Solnit’s latest collection of essays is so worth a splurge. Now Solnit is the Joan Didion of my generation and I particularly relate to her writing. She is quite the Feminist and although I don’t relate to that extreme, her feminism is more poetic and hence more palatable, for me. I’ve been scanning her essays on the New Yorker for a while now, so it was only natural that she should be brought home. [Sometimes I feel I can justify murder]

The most wonderful part of the day was our delightful conversations with strangers. I missed that so much during the lockdown. It filled my heart full with joy hearing from the ladies from Santa Cruz and San Francisco, and the couple from Petaluma that has just returned from their decade in Asia. Oh my strangers, I’ve missed you so much.

Tara won again and took us to the beach in 53 degrees weather. The pictures are so dramatic. And so was the scene. It’s quite amazing how at six she has an agenda of her own, and an opinion of her own in all matters of the family. I love to detest it. 💕

I don’t know what’s the plan for tomorrow. And it’s just better that way 😉

But I did buy a cap and it’s keeping me warm, or maybe it is the wine, that was keeping me warm. But whatever it was the two go well together

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