Mendocino log

We reached Mendocino around 6:00pm last night. Dropped off our bags, freshened up at the room after our drive through the wine country and a pit stop in Healdsburg for Pizzando (most delicious gluten free pizzas), and coffee. We then drove to Harvest Market in Mendocino for water, milk, and a “wine opener” (we take our liquids very seriously no matter where we go). And then enjoyed a sunset stroll in the area. Ended the evening at Mendocino Cafe where a cup of chowder and fresh mahi mahi were enough to satiate. Back at the room, Milky Way awaited with its full expanse and grandeur. Hit snooze after a glass of win, and a not so great book.

Today we started with a slow morning with coffee and games, followed by a slow paced 4mile hike in Van Damme State Park; the Fern Canyon Trail (well half of that 8.4mile loop). Followed by a sprint to Trilium for lunch, a walk around town looking for Tara’s leggings, and a splurge at the shop; a strong cappuccino at Garden Bakery, and back to Heritage House by 5:00pm. A quick break and then a hike down to the dark gulch beach and aimless stroll around the property. A slow paced evening watching the sunset from the deck, wine, light microwave dinners and some more wine. A game of cards, a few stories, and snooze.

I’m writing our itinerary since Agam reminded me that I need to get back to travel writing. I looked up my travelogue from our first trip to Mendocino 10 years ago, in preparation of this trip. And I realized how travel changes with kids. So perhaps if I remember what we did on this trip, it might someday help someone else considering a trip to Mendocino to plan their itinerary 🙂

Now tomorrow, Agam is working and Tara and I are vacationing. So we plan to drag him out for lunch at noon, hangout at the property and run up and down in the meadows. Read books, enjoy activities, listen to music, and spend a lot of sun time on the deck!

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