Spring break

Our backyard project kicked off yesterday. And today we are driving to Mendocino for the week. Spring break!! Funny enough I am standing in line to get into Trader Joe’s. A quick snack run before we hit the road. The line is long and the sun is a delight.

My backyard project was in the works since I got the itch of how much of the yard is covered by boxed greens and how little flowers we have. And also the space wasted as a result of the landscape style. Also it’s not our style. I’d rather have more hard paved areas for us to socialize and Tara to play. As much as I love the greens. I think we have better use for that space. It’s my annual project and I am beyond excited to have met Jesus who is helping us with the project. He is passionate about gardens and knows just enough to make it work.

Ah just passed by some Tulips. Too sad can’t pick them up today.

Yesterday was the worst day of allergies for me. No amount of spray was helpful. With the backyard work in full swing and some light wind, I was in for a bad time. So I stayed indoors and felt lost my sick all day. So strange how your body develops reactions to things that it had ignored all this while. I am very anxious about these allergies and they are definitely posing a challenge in my spirits and activities this spring. Sigh!

Alright time to enter Disney Land (aka TJs) and get lost in the charm of this store that I had almost forgotten with us ordering groceries online since 2017 now.

Things we get used to – like ordering groceries online and using a Zyrtec and a nasal spray every day. We are definitely one resilient race 🙂

I plan to do a bunch of things in next five days – play a lot with Tara, read a Anne of Green Gables with her, study a bit of system design, and think and write a lot. Of course watch sunsets, take long walks, sit and watch the waves, and find the best restaurants in the area. Off we go!

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