Dried Sage and People

Feeling pretty dry inside. Like the pen doesn’t have ink. No haikus come to mind either. It’s a lull before the storm feeling. I don’t want storms. I just want the lull 😂 But I know me. And my tenacity, and my inability to see the straight road. I like my unexplored pathways. I don’t know if it’s a choice anymore.

We are heading to Mendocino after ten years. Hmm…! It does seem much more recent than that. We stayed at the Inn at the SchoolHouse creek. It was a delightful bed and breakfast. Our cottage was named Sage. Wow our life was so different ten year ago.

Back to this evening….

As I made dinner – delectable chicken and vegetables with a ginger garlic gravy (indo chinese style), I was reflecting on my day. It was a mixed bag, but one thing was certain. I was listening and talking to some wonderful people. People I’d go out for coffee with after a day of work. This is my litmus test of a team, an org, a company. And I’ve been lucky.

Some days you only get that – people. And some days they are enough. And then there are days when you ask yourself if they are enough! And those days are the hard ones.

Don’t know why I am so dry. May be I miss wine. 🤔 April 7 – lent is over. Let’s see if that helps 😝

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