A few of my favorite things

Google gave a day off. I guess they realized that we are all burning out. Which we are. I am. I don’t know how I will maintain this productivity when life goes back to normal. I for one definitely believe in the “in the office” vibes. I work for google because of the people. And behind those GvC screens the humanity is all lost. I want to meet people again. I want to go for walks with them, again. But we have sometime to figure that out.

Here’s what I did on my day off –

Woke up as normal. Dropped Tara to school and went for a drive, and then to Manresa for coffee. Drove to shoreline and sat by the lake for an hour, listening to birds. Took a short walk there. Came back home, cleaned the house a bit, spent an hour in the yard tending to my little succulents. Then I studied a bit and worked a bit, and sat in my sunshine corner and enjoyed a cat nap. Soon it was time to pick up Tara. We enjoyed popsicles and a snack in the sun and she played around while I took a late shower. Then we walked to downtown and enjoyed some time at the bookshop, bought a book, bought some dinner, and came back home. Enjoyed dinner and then Bingo night with the school community. We didn’t win a single game.

So it was a good day full of favorite things – coffee, walks, water/lake, nature, books, and Tara 🙂 The day went by rather quickly. But it was a much needed break from the 12 hour workday which has become a norm these days.

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