Moong Dal Halwa

I express my love through cooking. Made a bucket full of moong dal halwa for a few birthdays coming up.. it took me 25 min of solid arm workout to get this ready. Hope that counts as today’s workout 😉 This is my all time favorite dessert. Even more than gulab jamun. And it’s gluten free.

Today we are going to my myka (in other words, my parents place), in other words a family that we call our own. The love I receive from this family feels like just like home. We are glad our kids are the same age so they will hopefully continue to strengthen this bond that started way back in DPS RKP, when all of us were kids.

May the sweetness of this halwa, sweeten our lives and relationships for years to come. [And may I continue to be spoilt by my myka for years to come 😉 ]

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