This morning I was dealing with a particularly gnarly bundle of nerves. That didn’t seem to want to let much oxygen flow through them. So this was creating too much imbalance in the system and I needed to tend to this mess.

So I bundled up a few chores and found a way to get out and inhale some fresh air while my car got a smog check and I walked over to the ATM to get some cash and some macaroons. I stood in the sun for all ten minutes and watched my breathe, as I inhaled the crisp and clear air.

The smog check failed. Changed the batteries recently and haven’t driven around much. The car needs to run 120 miles before it can be tested again. Great! What better outcome.

Nerves were still bundled up. Some got more strained. So we ditched it all. Came over to the Amber Patio for brunch-lunch. Soaked a ton of sun. Laughed about Tara’s quirky and witty remarks. Watched the sun play hide and seek with the clouds. And forgot all about the smog check, nerves and bundles.

Filter coffee further filtered the noise away and nerves got untangled and mess was clearer. Momentarily!

Filter Coffee

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