48 Hours on the CA coast

Three bunnies and their walking shoes and giggles made their way to the coast this weekend. They had 48 hours to themselves. So they made no plans except for some hikes in the area and that’s all. And they came back with more than 30,000 steps walked and a lot of memories made.

We left home on Friday at 5:30pm sharp. Traffic wasn’t that bad. Knowing the COVID dining scene it was wise to make a reservation. Treehouse Cafe has been a family favorite for almost five years. But knowing them, I knew we won’t be able to move the reservation that I had made a few weeks ago. So half way we canceled that and looked for another favorite, Basil, a local Italian favorite. They make delicious and simple and even gluten free 🙂 pasta.

We reached the hotel at 7:00ish and unloaded our backpacks. A quick refresh and out we went, a short 10 min walk to Basil. A delightful dinner, a leisurely stroll, a few bed time stories and a sound sleep.

I woke up at 6:30am, and went to the beach. I didn’t look at the map. Just followed my sense of intuition. When it comes to oceans, we speak each other’s language. A quick walk and I was at the sand. It was cleansing, inspiring, and overwhelming.

Walked back into town and people were up and about, queuing up for their morning coffee. I walked past the queue and decided to find a hidden jewel somewhere further. And I did find an alley that smelled like coffee. So I went in and took my chances. Met some strangers, enjoyed a lovely chat, and sipped my cappuccino on my way back to the hotel.

We got ready, rather leisurely, and by the time we got to the Point Lobos parking lot, not only was it full, but the overflow lines were a mile long in each direction. So we gave up 😦 and drove to Big Sur River Inn. Sat in the middle of the river for a couple of hours, enjoyed the sun, and watched Tara make friends with strangers. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 😉

We then decided to try our luck to get a table for lunch at Nepenthe. And we were in luck! So we enjoyed a sunny lunch with the best view this area can offer. I likely soaked enough sun for next three weeks. More on that later.

Post lunch we decided to give Point Lobos another try. Phew! So we went to the Carmel River Beach. Tara and Agam built sand castles, I took a long walk along the shore and then I came back and bitched relentlessly about how cold it was. So after a few hours we headed back to the hotel for a change before sunset time.

We took a long time to get out the hotel so Tara and I ran our way down to the beach and we made it in time. It was exhilarating. As soon as we got there, the bagpiper came and we enjoyed the sunset with the music.

Dashed back into town and didn’t feel like a heavy lavish meal. So went back to the hotel, sat by the fire place and ordered food in. From Treehouse cafe! We all sat down on the floor, and enjoyed some spicy Thai curry and lamb kebabs with beer. It was bliss. Eating delicious food in your PJs listening to stories from school and sharing memories with Tara.

This morning the hour was lost on us. We enjoyed a fun morning with a dragon movie and then packed our bags to get our the door. We made our final attempt to Point Lobos. And succeeded!!! So we enjoyed three hours walking around the beautiful shores and hiking amidst the Cyprus trees. It was bliss once again!

To end it all, we drove to Sanderlings for lunch and enjoyed the food and the views. It was gorgeous. The hot Toddy was the highlight with some whiskey infused bread pudding. Sorry Lent – I took a break this weekend 🤣

Came back home and did several rounds of laundry and folded them all while watching Bombay Begums. Trash show.

A blissful sunny and ocean getaway to cleanse our souls, inspire ourselves and get overwhelmed by the expanse of the ocean.

Next we are off to Clear Lake in Spring break! Three weeks to go. Woohoo!

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