Mind and body

I like talking to people who expand my horizons. And I get really demotivated when I am in a conversation where people suck the life out of me.

My morning started on that demotivated note. Bang on at 8:45am I knew this was going to be one of those days and perhaps one of those weeks. But mid day I had a nice interaction with a group of fun people. It’s so ironic how much fun we have as a group although we represent two business units that can’t see each other eye to eye.

And then my last meeting of the day was so very refreshing. A topic that I had the business context on, met its match on how it will/should be solved. And it took me a few minutes to connect the dots. But those minutes were most rewarding. And I ended my day on a refreshed note.

To follow that spirit, I went for a run. Good lord my ankles are pathetic. I literally cried in pain. They are just not used to the concrete. And I cannot moderate my pace. And when I speed up and lose control, they give up. It’s like my mind and my body are not in synch. And I need to get them there. By practice and grit. And a lot of pain.

Came back to the park where Agam and Tara were playing and the ankles went for a toss again. We played soccer until I was dead as a lumber. Phew! There were leftovers to feed the fam for dinner. And here I am nursing my ankles. Ouch!

But that will not be enough to deter me from going for my run again. I am so happy that I am breathing this crisp air. And due to the dampness the allergies were not bad today either. Another struggle to tackle. Grr

Anyways – I’ve always derived my energy from people. And I need to learn to moderate my absorption of negative energy. There again, my mind and body are out of synch. The mind propels to solve. The body repels the energy.

You know sometimes I wonder if you could just observe your mind in third person. See how it reacts, operates, responds. It will be quite revealing. The body very clearly communicates with us. Pain is felt. Pleasure is also felt. Mind does not feel. Hmm…I wonder if that’s why mental health is so complicated. Sigh 😔

I have definitely tuned more into the signals my body emits in the last year. And now I need to watch my mind and train it to ignore and divest from energy sucking situations.

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