Food and friends

Joy is cooking a meal for people you love to hangout with. Cooked up a storm last night and some this morning. Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon chatting about literally everything under the sun. There are few people who can cover a broad range of topics and yet bring out perspectives that are deep and insightful. Our friend is one of such people. Both Agam and I feel refreshed in his company. If only he lived closer so we could hangout more often.

In the evening we found out that Tara’s best friend is moving to Virginia after the school year wraps up in June. We are all very sad. And especially Tara. Although she is good at hiding it. And I worry that she learnt that too quickly. I guess it’s part of growing up in Bay Area. A few of Tara’s friends and our friends have relocated in the last six years. And it hurts each time. Noah and Tara are very close. And they’ve supported each other through pre school and now in Kindergarten. I cannot believe their companionship was so short lived. For it has the strength to last a long long time. And perhaps it will. Virtually.

I don’t like it when friends move away. I find it hard when they switch teams at work. I hope Tara will grow a stronger muscle in this area. I’ve lost a few friends to distance over the years. But many have stayed on to be part of my life, irrespective of where they live and how many times a year we speak to each other. Just a lot for a six year old to digest. But such is life.

And that’s why you cherish your friends when they are closer to you. Because who knows where the winds take us some day. We enjoyed a sweet potato Chaat, and paneer tikka , amongst other things. Made with love and from scratch 🙂

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