Sleep per chance to dream

Four weary feet, and two warm hearts, entered a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, and sat the last table in the row. Soaking sunshine and each other’s warmth, the afternoon melted into the evening. It was time to walk back home.

I slept in the afternoon for two hours. All that while the sun was right on my face, varying in angle every 15 minutes by a degree. It felt like I was in a sauna, and I fell asleep so deep to even dream. The dream narrated above, is still so clear in my mind.

My busy mind takes a long time to unwind. That’s why Agam has to put me to sleep every night. But on weekends, it’s a treat to sleep in sunshine. Being a morning worm, sleeping in on weekends is not my cup of tea (coffee).

The after effect of my sleep in the middle of the day – a fabulous run outdoors. 60 minutes of screen less outdoor time. And a fresh mind that can keep running for a few hours 🙂

A friend is coming over for lunch tomorrow 🙂 lots of cooking and chopping to do and may be we can start Dark tonight.

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