JLT Wednesday

Bright day; positive vibes.

Wrapped up work and cooked up a storm. Penne pasta with pesto, roasted asparagus and a caprese with spinach salad. So fun and joyful.

I’m so excited about this Friday. My team is coming home. Some of us are meeting after a year. A long and painful year. I’m excited like a toddler waiting for a play date. Hope the weather cooperates and we can do an outdoor fun hangout. Like a real one. Not a virtual one.

We all painted with water colors today. A homesite as it is called. It was so much fun and so good to step away from the inbox and just play. Now I have a problem following instructions. So I made my own thing. I made three little cards. One I gave to Tara, one to Agam, and one I gave to me. A little bit of self love doesn’t hurt. Does it?

I feel like opening a bottle of wine and enjoy with this sumptuous meal. But it’s lent. And I am off sweets and desserts until April 7. Discipline.

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