Simple and clear

Many years ago, a little shivi found a lot of joy and amusement in wearing her Daddy’s slippers and walking awkwardly in them, making a ruckus in the house, while everyone was yelling at her to take off those slippers and wear her own. She didn’t listen. She wore those oversized slippers and flipped flapped her way around the house. Looking around and making sure everyone was watching.

Now many years since, a little Tara wears her mommies slippers and walks around in the house, making a scene and catching attention. It’s all so normal for me. But Agam cannot understand what’s the fun in wearing oversized slippers. Eldest in the house, he didn’t have to grab attention. So he doesn’t quite relate to what Tara’s doing.

I have often said that Tara is so much of that second child that we don’t quite see the need for another. She has none of the first child sobriety. She is a don of the house. And runs it’s as per her will. And I don’t want her to change a tiny bit. I will do whatever I can in my power to keep this child just like this. I know it will hurt me someday. But it will make her a woman of will and grace. And that is a powerful combination to carry. Or so I hope.

I ground my last batch of Java Kai last weekend and shockingly enough, I’ve received a new pack. Along with the delicious smelling and tasting coffee ground with cinnamon. I blend the cinnamon coffee with whatever we are brewing for the week, and it adds a tinge of flavor to our morning coffee. The goodie pack I received today is courtesy a co-worker friend who shares my love for Hawaii, and Kauai in particular. I don’t even know how to thank him for his generosity. But the goodie pack made me so happy 😀

We enjoyed the afternoon sun and a delicious lunch at Amber after a year. It was so nice to be back in the patio where we have celebrated so many occasions. One day, the world will go back to normal and we will be able to enjoy the company of friends in patios again! Lunch was followed by a sunny walk and a coffee trip to Blue Bottle.

As I stood in the sun sipping my coffee, I realized that there is joy and peace in knowing exactly what you want. Like I knew I wanted to be in the sun and I wanted my blue bottle cappuccino. Simple, and clear. Wish everything in life was simple, and clear. Like this b/w that we clicked today in the Amber patio. Simply in love, clearly in love.

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