For 3 hours this afternoon I reflected on what I did for last six months. (1) a lot (2) lots of seed sowing. When you start a new job, you sow seeds and see them grow with time. Today I looked back to see all the seeds I sowed. Some are sprouting and some are reluctant. Some are thriving and some will need a lot of nourishment. But I am growing a few things. And I like to grow – people, ideas, programs. Some blossom and some don’t. I keep moving. What a fascinating and rewarding journey. I’ve grown a lot of things in last six years. In that process I grew too.

Today when I was running I achieved my meta state. I’ve been thinking a lot about races. And today I summarized why I don’t run them or believe in them. A race is meant to be run as per a few rules. Here are the two basic ones – everyone starts together. Everyone has to run the same distance.

Now if we think about our lives. We don’t start our races at the same time. And none of us know how long we will run. Some lives stop early. Some keep going on. So how can people compete in an unequal race? This is a very fundamental flaw. Right?!

I read a bit about fonts today. It’s quite a thing to create. Font designers are much like musicians. Or at least that was my summarization. I always enjoyed the type writer font in IAWriter, an app agam and I use for our creative writing endeavors. But I never quite explored fonts in work documents. Until a few years ago when I observed that my manager picked very unique fonts and it piqued my interest. His usage of fonts and sometimes symbols instead of regular old bullets was amusing to me. I started exploring fonts as a result, and have since enjoyed the variety. Oxygen is my latest favorite. I’ve become quite picky myself. Creative influence, what can I say. And today I learnt that it has even passed on. One of my directs mentioned to me that she likes to read my documents especially because of the fonts, they make the content less dense. I told her where I picked it from. And we laughed at the legacy.

It was only fair for me to pass the credit back to the master. And so I did 🙂 And that’s when I learnt more about fonts.

Imagine being a font designer. Now you cannot possibly take that job, if you are not interested in the field, and if you are not creative. How sad it would be to evaluate a font designer and an ASIC designer using the same rubric! Right?!

Anyways I seem to have a lot of questions today. But no answers. That’s ok. We will learn more tomorrow and become wiser by the day. And for me that’s enough. Right?!

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