Chit chat

My basanti is giving me a hard time. It refuses to start. We think it’s the battery. We haven’t replaced it for 11 years after all 😳. But it depresses me to not have my basanti every morning when I go to drop off Tara. Coincidentally, the dealer called over the weekend to check if I want to sell it. Grrrr! Never in my life. But I worry if it is something more than the battery 😞

In the meantime jump started my running routine after a 3 day hiatus. I am definitely not meeting my 80% run days goal for February. But that’s ok. I still have 7 days to make up for the loss. It was an exhilarating run today. I didn’t zone out. But I felt a certain beat that was new and comforting. There were less spikes. Just ten lapses of a steady paced run. Just like it should be, given that I’ve been running for almost 2 months at a 5/7 days hit rate.

If all works out, by my birthday I will compete 150 runs! I want 2021 to be a year of 300 days of running. Let’s not jinx it though. I like goals what can I say.

The weekend flew by. Like they usually do. Cant believe we are already kicking off the last week of February. 10months to home then ? 😃

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