Between the lines

Tara wanted sticky rice and mango. Mommy wanted crisp winter chill. So we put on our jackets and hoodies and trotted out on this fine winter evening to pick up some food and get some fresh air.

We talked about the flowers that are mistaken about an early spring. But Tara reminded me that they do that every year. May be they just like being early. She makes a good point.

Then we talked about orange beetles being poisonous. But beetles in general being the best bugs. I agreed.

Then we talked about tomorrow being Valentinine Day celebration in school. Everyone is going to give each other cards. We made 16 of them too. It was such a fun collaboration between the two of us.

And then we picked up mango and sticky rice and debated if we should take the longer way back home. Tiny feet demanded the shortcut. So we aligned on that approach and headed back home.

We also chatted about skeletons and if they smile. She thinks they do. The topic of groundhogs came up too.

What a delightful evening walk with my favorite companion. She is now making a new (Lego) machine that zaps you into a skeleton and colors the world with whatever color you ask for.

And just then comes down Daddy with my Valentines Day Gift, a pair of cozy home slippers to match Tara’s unicorn slippers.

And between the curious convos, mango sticky rice, crisp winter air and the maroon slippers, the world is as colorful, cute, crisp and curious, as it should be.

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