A run and omelette erotica

There is practically nothing better than a masala omelette to kick start the weekend. Actually there is… espresso at your bedside hand crafted and delivered by the husband, while you are still waking up. 👍

So let’s get some masala omelette erotica going. Just imagine that finely chopped red onion oozing it’s bitter juices, the thin shaves of green chilies. A dash of deghi red mirch, garam masala, cumin powder. Add to that some freshly plucked and finely chopped green coriander leaves. A lot of finely and freshly crushed black pepper corns, and dash of salt. All whisked together with some splashes of water and eggs.

The pan fumes with readiness and awaits the mix to meet its mate. A slight brown color appears as the eggs cook and take form. The aroma of this simple omelette fills my senses with memories of childhood and family breakfasts.

I like omelettes with stuffing, but nothin beats a simple onion, chili, coriander omelette. A delightful start to the weekend!

After a long and tiresome week, I still found the stamina and will to go for a run at 6:00pm. Totally turned my week around. Something about hitting that 9mph on your treadmill that let’s you zone out completely.

An alternative world takes over at that pace. One where everything is possible. Everything is in reach. And I become the observer and not the protagonist. Huh!

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