a memory

Woke up to a father’s plea. He was sending his daughter far away from him, worried and proud, all at the same time. He wanted to make sure we will be there for her, as guardians. Of course we will. She was 10 when we got married, my youngest sister in law. Our little Mani. She has grown up so much, ready to fly to the US by her self. May she fly far and wide and become a fine young woman.

Reading his messages made me cry. My father had no one to send such a message to. He also sent his daughter with so much hope and courage. Trusting her to make her life, and set an example for many others who will follow. The weight of the expectations that I carried on my shoulders as I stepped out of my house, was balanced by the trust and love of my parents. It’s hard to replicate that feeling.

I sorely miss that feeling of being loved by a father, like only he can. A lifetime to live devoid of it. Sigh

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