A day I had started resenting, has turned into a day I look forward to. I keep Wednesday for 1:1s with my team. It’s right in the middle of when they might need something and I might have something to share. So I like Wednesdays. I also like to meet all of them on one day. Helps me identify patterns and connect dots.

Just four months ago, I was anxious and stressed about Wednesday. I was worried about who will catch what word and make what out of it. And I wouldn’t even know. I’d only find out about their interpretation through a flawed feedback loop via a system designed by people who definitely didn’t care about managers. I am glad I didn’t succumb to the system and quit. I would have regretted that a lot.

I have started looking forward to my Wednesdays. I love my conversations. We talk about all sorts of things. I can be myself with them. I can laugh a real laugh with them. I can feel like I can read them, and address their concerns. We come up with solutions together. We share our success and failures together. We don’t agree on everything. But we agree to disagree and give each other a chance. I learn, they learn, we grow. We are honest about our intentions. I don’t end a call feeling judged or measured or misunderstood. I feel accomplished after every call.

Anyways I will celebrate the Wednesdays for now.

Air fried aloo chaat 🙂

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