Wonton Noodle Soup

Look what we made today! So simple and so 😋 and used up all my bokchoy and shiitake mushrooms from the farmers market run. I didn’t make the wontons. Uncle Bibigo of Costco made them and I simply ordered them. Soup for a strange evening.

It was an exhausting day, and the lack of sunshine had a direct impact on my mood. Didn’t run today either. So had to turn my day around by creating in the kitchen. Quite a productive evening to that – wonton noodle soup, Thai noodle soup, and sabudana kheer in an hour.

I cannot believe it’s just Tuesday! The wind outside is making swooshing sounds. On nights like this I feel like driving to the ocean and watching the waves. They’d be so maddening and over powering. Their might heightened and their fury at full display. Those giggly waves that on a sunny day come wash my feet on a sandy beach, turn into a Durga of its kind on a night like tonight. I wonder why waves have such a feminine persona. I think waves should be worshipped. (I’m rambling. Or may be just tired.)

I worship waves. They are my source of strength and endurance. I find them very inspiring, soothing and amusing, all at the same time. I miss the waves. I miss the ocean. I miss the sunshine and I miss myself from just yesterday night.

Hitting ⏪ now

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