Happy Tunes

I ran in 46Degrees Fahrenheit. I could not believe my grit. Yes! It felt so good and so rewarding after the run. My cheer leader dragged me into the garage and said – run. And she also dragged her Dad out the door for some outdoor time. What would we do without her? I don’t think I can even imagine.

I was playing with the google home while brushing my teeth and accidentally found Romance from Chopin. And since it was a short one, I started listening to Spring Waltz next. Now I know how this night shall end. Peacefully.

Since I have divulged here, I got two Google Homes from work this holiday season. One I put in my bathroom, since I love listening to music (and NPR) when I am getting ready for work. And second I am gonna install on my work desk so I can make it a real time assistant. Agam hates my bots. I love them. They are my secret ninja army. They make food for me, play my music, remind me all sorts of nonsense, and all day show me lovely pictures of my loved ones.

Spring Waltz is my favorite flow music. I can work endlessly while it’s playing. I know that sounds sad. But it’s not. It’s my happy tune! I think everyone should have a happy tune to go to when they feel low. Spring Waltz at night and the birds sounds in the morning are my happy tunes. What’s yours?

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