Nimbu ka achaar

From the time I started eating pickles, and that was quite late in life since I was (am) a picky eater, I’ve known that I’d have to learn how to make this lemon pickle. I love ❤️ it like a desert loves rain. It is one of those few things that I fondly packed and took with me to college in Nagpur, and also bring along, every time I come back from India.

So when this year our lemon tree decided to rain lemons, I knew the time had come to try my hands at this pickle. I don’t think it can ever be what my Mom’s pickles taste like. But I am glad I took the plunge. Now I have achieved (in my mind) the pinnacle point of being a home maker. I mean come on, I make my own pickles for heaven’s sake 🤣

It rained a river today. And it will continue to rain. Despite the gloom outside I limited myself to one cup of coffee a day. Pat on the back for that. Five more days of rain and gloom, and that should help my flowers bloom!

A terrific run this morning – 12 interval laps, a 5K! Totally zoned out and enjoyed the pace I picked for today’s run. Losing myself in Eminem was divine!

And now we start the last week of January . Which means just 11 more months to going home 🏡

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