Naps and plans

I woke up this morning at 6:30 without an alarm. The house was silent and it was still fairly dark outside. I had a choice to make. Go back to bed and wait for Tara to come and wake us all up with her giggles. Or just catch the moment and make the most of it. I decided to catch the moment.

Then I debated if I should make myself a nice cup of coffee and do some chores like soak the beans for next week’s menu. Do some chopping which would help me with the meals, or quietly lock myself up in the library and finish working on a few things I needed to finish the week before. Now I wasn’t happy about using my weekend to get some work done. Yet it was such a perfect opportunity to get 2 hours of uninterrupted flow time. And so I did lock myself up in the library and wrapped up a few lingering things.

Once Tara was up, it was impossible to keep going so I wrapped up, and we made breakfast together. An extended breakfast, some play time, lots of cleaning time. And that was a lot of activity for the morning, aka a perfect excuse for a mid day 😴 nap.

Weekend naps are my guilty pleasures. I only learnt to appreciate them after Tara was born. We’d be so tired with her when she was younger, that napping with her made sure all of us got the much needed rest. Now that she has outgrown her naps, I still steal at least one over the weekend,

Usually I wake up with Tara’s khatar patar noise, but today the house was silent. And the birds from our giant trees were singing away. I stayed in bed trying to listen to them for a long time. It was fun.

A year ago I had worked with a therapist who helped me discover that bird sounds is a quick go-to for easing my nerves. Since then I tune into them when I need to, and I can, and it helps me tune out of whatever it was that was bothering me. Nature in that way finds unique ways to give.

A good nap, followed by a tête-à-tête with the birds, and then a cup of chai. What a glorious Saturday it was. And productive at that.

A busy agenda for tomorrow awaits – juicing, chopping, cooking, and planning – our backyard re design! I’m so excited and so scared. I’m testing my budgeting skills with this project. And also patience – since we cannot take the entire L-shape and redo it in one go. So I need to prioritize and phase it out, to meet he budget per quarter. Phew! Why do I do these things? Because I don’t think it will be fun any other way. Silence the gremlins and plan on!

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